AI Educational Tool

Magic School AI

Magic School – AI Educational Tool – MagicSchool is an ingenious and productive AI-powered platform that helps teachers from all around the globe in various tasks. Whether it is writing assessments or IEPS, proofreading, or lesson planning this AI tool has got you covered. With its various features, teachers can save up to hours of…

Freehand AI

Freehand AI

Freehand AI Freehand is a virtual canvas where teams can come together to plan, brainstorm, present, and work in a comfortable space. Harnessing the power of AI, it turns stickies with feedback into actionable tasks on a Kanban board for your team to quickly act on. To use its services, users can check out its…

Your AI Companion Ask Anything

Perplexity AI – Your AI Companion Ask Anything

Perplexity AI – Search Engine, Students Learning Platform – Perplexity is an AI-powered search engine and chatbot specifically used by students. Nowadays, time-deprived students need a tool that can give them answers to their queries in a comprehensive and informative way. Perplexity uses NLP and machine learning to provide better information every time. The AI…

The World’s #1 AI Learning Assistant

Mindgrasp AI – The World’s #1 AI Learning Assistant

Mindgrasp – Learning Assistant – Mindgrasp AI is the world’s #1 learning platform that creates accurate notes and answers any query. You can also upload your content and it will give comprehensive and informative answers. This tool can also make notes only by watching YouTube videos, zoom meetings, and many more. In this era, this…

Simple and Flexible Deep Learning for humans

Keras – Simple and Flexible Deep Learning for humans

Keras – Deep Learning AI – Keras is a high-level deep-learning AI developed by google. This API tool was made to be easy to learn for people. Consistent and simple APIs are offered which in turn reduces the action required to implement codes. also prototyping in Kera requires less time. moreover, it is written in…

AI Students Assistant

Kipper AI – Undetectable AI Essay Generator

Kipper AI – AI Student Assistant – Kipper AI is a student assistant that uses large AI models and CORE databases to deliver educational help to students around the globe. With Kipper, you can generate essays with citations, take notes, summarize long-form content, and more. Users can get started by purchasing a monthly or annual…

AI Teaching Assistant

Eduaide AI – Best AI Teaching Assistant Tool

Eduaide AI – AI Teaching Assistant – Eduaide is an AI assistant for teachers to access high-quality teaching resources. It utilizes large language models to assist them in instructional design and lesson planning. Some of its features include guide chat, a feedback bot, personalization tools, and much more. Eduaide is free for the teachers and…

Learning Platform

Tutor – Learn Anything from Anywhere at Any Time

Tutor AI – Learning Platform – Tutor is a learning platform powered by artificial intelligence. It has several features to help students. Vast library, practice problems, quizzes, and many more are there to learn more effectively. AI-powered tools like study planners and note-takers are also available. Free and paid versions are available for Android and…

Apache MXNet - Learning software

Apache MXNet

Apache MXNet (Learning software) Apache MXNet, is a versatile open-source deep learning framework that simplifies the art of teaching computers. Imagine it as a brain for machines enabling them to understand speech, images, and more. Whether you’re creating a smart app or robot, this tool is your ally. The presence of many programming languages makes…

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