AI Content Detector


ZeroGpt – AI Content Detector – Zero GPT is an AI that uses DeepAnalyze technology to check for AI content for free. You can detect ChatGPT, GPT-3, and GPT-4 content within seconds by pasting the text or uploading the file. Upload multiple reports of any language and generate PDF reports with sentences that are AI-written…

AI Text Generator


Writesonic – AI Text Generator – Write Sonic is a writing assistant powered by AI to effortlessly and efficiently generate text. Using various AI algorithms like deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing, it understands an average input and generates high-quality content that resembles a human text. You can also summarize, paraphrase, and expand…

AI Productivity Tool


Zapier – AI Productivity Tool – Zapier AI is a web application used to automate workflows. By connecting with AI, this app will allow you to link with numerous popular apps, and streaming work with a constant flow without any coding. In order to power your growth, you can get access to flexible features like…

AI Educational Tool

Magic School AI

Magic School – AI Educational Tool – MagicSchool is an ingenious and productive AI-powered platform that helps teachers from all around the globe in various tasks. Whether it is writing assessments or IEPS, proofreading, or lesson planning this AI tool has got you covered. With its various features, teachers can save up to hours of…

AI Writing Assistant


Wordtune – AI Writing Assistant – A generative AI Tool that helps you speed up your task with its GenAI platform. Offering some of the exclusive features that save your time and deliver high-end results, it lets you rewrite, generate text, summarize, and answer your queries. You can start with the free plan that allows…

Your AI Companion Ask Anything

Perplexity AI – Your AI Companion Ask Anything

Perplexity AI – Search Engine, Students Learning Platform – Perplexity is an AI-powered search engine and chatbot specifically used by students. Nowadays, time-deprived students need a tool that can give them answers to their queries in a comprehensive and informative way. Perplexity uses NLP and machine learning to provide better information every time. The AI…

The World’s #1 AI Learning Assistant

Mindgrasp AI – The World’s #1 AI Learning Assistant

Mindgrasp – Learning Assistant – Mindgrasp AI is the world’s #1 learning platform that creates accurate notes and answers any query. You can also upload your content and it will give comprehensive and informative answers. This tool can also make notes only by watching YouTube videos, zoom meetings, and many more. In this era, this…


Gamma AI – Presentation Generator for Students

Gamma AI – AI Presentation Generator – Gamma AI is a sophisticated and brilliant tool that generates your presentations for you. With Gamma, you can create engaging and professional content just by writing while the AI does the formatting and designing. Users can work on templates, restyle their decks, or send web pages to convey…

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