Modern Robotics

Modern Robotics 2 1

Category – Robotics

Course Level – Intermediate

Course Length – 24 hours

Price – Freemium

Rating – 4.7 stars

The Foundation of Modern Robotics is a free online course offered by the Northwestern University of Qatar for those who are interested in learning the basics of robotics. People with no prior experience and knowledge are also eligible for this course. The course focuses on basics without requiring prior math and engineering knowledge. The learners will be able to learn about c-space, serial robots, and closed-chain robots.

Course contents:

The course provides 5 basic modules to make it beginner-friendly. It covers the following subjects: 

  • Code library, and light board video generation tool
  • Configuration space of robots and degrees of freedom
  • Task space and workspace, configuration space topology
  • Explanation of rotation matrices with angular velocity
  • Description of homogenous transformation matrices

Course benefits:

The course provides learners who want to seek knowledge with the best experience.

  • The hands-on projects give skills that are useful in practical life
  • A shareable career certificate after completing the course
  • The flexible timing makes it easy for participants to learn whenever they are at ease
  • The course duration is approximately 24 hours with 5 different modules 
  • Discussion platforms are also available so that any query can be answered with different perspectives
  • The course also provides quizzes and practical exercises with daily tasks
  • Experience in any particular subject is not necessarily required

Additional skill:

The course also promises to enrich its learners with additional skills as well:

  • Mathematics
  • Linear algebra

Why take this course?

The course is very helpful for those who are interested in mechanical engineering or robotics. This will be the first step to get into the journey of Robotics. The courses’ main focus revolves around the basic concepts of robot motions regarding robot configurations. The course also offers a book “Modern Robotics” which makes it easy for learners to get more in-depth information.

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