Blockchain Basics

blockchain basics

Category – Blockchain

Level – Beginner

Duration – 1 to 4 weeks

Price – Freemium

Rating – 4.7 stars

The University of Buffalo provides a free completely online course on the blockchain with the name Blockchain Basics on Coursera. The course is beginner-friendly which means that even a pioneer in blockchain or bitcoin can take this course without any prior experience or knowledge. The best and most certified instructor will teach foundational concepts and their applications. Those who want to become competent in blockchain can look up to this course as an escort towards knowledge of blockchain.

Course modules:

The course is available in 4 modules which further include videos and quizzes as well. 

  • Module 1:
    Contains introductory segments and structural aspects of Bitcoin. Also explains different types of blockchains
  • Module 2:
    Ethereum blockchain and code execution
  • Module 3:
    It mainly revolves around algorithms and asymmetric encryption
  • Module 4:
    Elements of trust in Bitcoin are discussed in this module

Course benefits:

Some of the immaculate benefits that this course promises are:

  • Lifetime access to the course contents which means that you can get access anywhere at any time
  • Make your foundation of this course better with the experts
  • Skills for practical life and job
  • Available in English, German, Italian, and many more languages
  • Quizzes for assessment
  • The timing schedule is very flexible and very friendly for participants of this course. You can learn at your own pace without any worries about missing any lecture or quiz
  • The course is completely free and online
  • No experience or knowledge is required for this course so even novices can take it
  • The shareable certificate for CV, resume 

Skills you’ll gain:

After completing the course you’ll get the following skills:

  • Ethereum
  • Cryptography
  • Blockchains
  • Bitcoin


The course demands no requirements for learners. Anyone who is interested or has a keen interest in blockchain can take this course. Any professional or pioneer who wants to start blockchain as a profession can take the first step from here


A shareable certificate will be provided after completing the course which can be used in a CV, resume, LinkedIn profile, and for other job applications

Why take this course?

Blockchain Basics is a beginner-friendly and very basic course for everyone. The course is very well arranged with planned schedules and quizzes for every session and individual quizzes for further self-assessment. Learners from all around the world can get access to this course and can enhance their skill level at no price. It is thus the premier starting point for every learner.

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