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What is Conker AI?

Conker AI is an advanced online space that helps in the quiz-making process. Conker has turned heads of the professors, trainers, and students with its excellent functionality. This AI platform generates thoughtful quizzes and mock tests which cuts off the efforts of educators. Let’s discuss this Conker AI in detail!

  • Price: Freemium + Paid
  • Tags: Quiz Maker
  • Developers (s): Mote Technologies
  • Released Time: September 25, 2023 

Features of Conker AI

  • Wide Range of Questions: Konker has the ability to generate various types of quizzes such as MCQs, fill in the blanks, and non-verbal etc.
  • Integrated and Collaborative: It provides smooth integration to Google products and anyone can easily download quizzes.
  • Extract Quizzes: Conker searches the mindful and conceptual questions from authority scholar articles.
  • User-Friendly: This AI comes with an easy-to-use interface and doesn’t require a tutorial.

Uses of Conker AI

  • Broad Range Quizzes: If you want preparation of TikTok quizzes to compete in online sessions, it can help you. In simple words, this AI model can take you to the next level at any platform in a quiz game. 
  • Grade Assessment: Konker creates rational quizzes to assess the ability of the candidates.
  • Mind Test: Conker AI offers the opportunity to test the knowledge graph of anyone.

Beginner Steps

  • Step 1: Navigate the Conker AI website
  • Step 2: Create an account
  • Step 3: Click the quiz button and pick a topic or subject
  • Step 4: Select the question type
  • Step 5: Generate a quiz and export it to the Google account

Pros and Cons Conker AI


  • Personalized quizzes: Conker AI generates quizzes that are highly personalized according to one’s desire even in the Quizzis Join program.
  • Helps in Study Planning: Conker AI supports the student in study planning.
  • Instant Feedback: Conker offers speedy feedback with AI quiz answers. 
  • Time-Saving: If you’re in a quizzes join the contest, It provides instant quizzes.


  • Limitation on Hard Tasks: Konker feels difficulty in creating complex quizzes.


  • Free Plan: Offers 5 quizzes
  • Basic Plan: You can generate 10 quizzes at a cost of $3.99 monthly
  • Pro Plan: You have to pay $9.99 per month to create unlimited quizzes.
  • School Plan: This plan is only for institutions.

Who are the Users of Conker AI?

  • Learners: There are many quizzes join platforms where everyone participates to test his/her knowledge. Such learners can use Conker AI at large.
  • Online Contesters: Social media contesters can generate quizzes like TikTok quizzes to compete with others.
  • Educators and Students: Konker helps both educators and student to create their desired quizzes.

Best Alternatives to Conker AI


Arlinear works on the Conker AI model and generates a variety of quizzes. If you want to create complex mathematical and science quizzes, you should opt for it.


PrepAI is an innovative question generator. It provides the best possible AI quiz answers to generated questions with speedy feedback.

Questgen AI

Questgen is another alternative to konker AI. This quiz generator provides very competitive questions.


Quillionze is a pioneer in AI question-generated tools. It has great worth in the quiz town.


QuizWhiz is the simplest question-generating AI tool. This offers quizzes according to the inputs.

Final Word

Conker AI has changed the matters of educators and educational institutions through its quiz-generating ability. Conker doesn’t offer only knowledgeable quizzes but also brings accurate AI quiz answers. Besides, it is user-friendly and saves time and effort for the learners and teachers. If you want to excel in your studies, you should get it without wasting time. 

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How to Find Answers to Canvas Quizzes on Conker AI?

You can get Canvas quiz answers at Creative Savants.

Is Conker AI Safe?

Yes, it is very secure.

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